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  This is my dad, Dennis. He is 45 years old and works at Northland Auto
Center in Webster. He probably loves cars more than life. We take two
trips a year to the Marion Dragways right by Marion, South Dakota. 
He is a very great dad and a wonderful role model. He is always helping people and always putting our family first!
  This is my mom, Tina. She is 43 and works at Dakota Tube in Watertown.
She is the most caring and loving girl you will ever meet. She has such silly
 personality but kind of complains a lot, but I wouldn't want any other mother!
  This is my brother, Cody. He is currently 18 years old and attends
 Southeast Technical Institute. He is a great brother and one of the
 strongest guys I know. Cody has always been there for me
and I can't appreciate having a brother like him enough!
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