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Parents    This is my Mom, Kari, and my Dad, Leigh. My Dad
works on our farm, and my Mom works in town at
the hospital as an RN.
This is my sister Jessi, her husband, Ben, and
my niece, Shae, who is four years old. Jessi
works at Hy-Vee as a pharmacy tech and Ben is
the produce manager at Hy-Vee.
Asleigh This is my older sister Ashleigh and her fiancé,
Jared. Ashleigh is a 2nd grade teacher at
Hartford. Jared is an engineer and works on roads.
They have two dogs, Tallie (left) and Piper (right).
My other sister Kirsten is a pharmacist in the Sioux Falls
Hospital. She did her schooling at SDSU for 6 years.
Lexy My youngest sister Lexy is a senior at Augustana college.
She is studying political science and wants to
help people in other countries.
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