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This is my little brother, Blaize. He is in Mr. Vergeldt's 3rd grade class. He likes to go hunting, fishing, and  loves to play multiple sports. He also has a ton of energy.
This is my little sister, Madisen. She is in 8th grade. She loves to run track and play volleyball. She is also very competitive in beating everyone for Fitbit steps.
This is my mom, Renee. She works here in Webster at Vision Care. She is very active and she loves to work out. She supports all of us kids in activities and pushes us to do our best. She is a very caring and loving person.
This is my dad, Matt. He is a business owner. He owns two gas stations, one here in Webster and one over in Groton. He loves to play baseball and golf, and he always has tips on how to get better.


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