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Full Name: Alexander James Leschisin
Age: 17
Grade Junior
Siblings: Hanna and Geena
Car: Blue 2000 Dodge Dakota pickup
Sports: Cross Country and Track
Birthday: December 16
Animals: Goats, chickens, ducks, geese, cows, a golden retriever, and a horse
                        10 Favorites:
TV Show: Criminal Minds
Quote: Ecce quam bonum
Sports Teams: Bearcats, Packers, Twins, Golden State Warriors
Food: Danish Aebleskivers
Book: The last one I read
Place: Anywhere that I can see the stars at night
Lucky Number: 7
Memory: The time a Cross Country teammate got disqualified for wearing a morph suit
Subject: Math, the harder the better
Color: That blue grey that lake ice gets before it melts

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