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My dad's name is Mark and he is 56.
He was a farmer his whole life.
He used to have cows and pigs, for animals, and crops.
He retired when he was 50.

This is my nephew Sheldon. He is the coolest 7 year old I know!
I bought him a dirt bike for his 6th birthday so that makes me the
coolest auntie in the world. He wants to play for the Minnesota
Wild when he grows up.  
This is my mom Jackie. She works in the Deli at Mikes Jack & Jill.

 Me, Jerod, Sean, Lil' Ryan and Becca.
Karla is my dad's wife. They got married in Deadwood. I don't remember when, but I was there.
  This is Caiya, Sheldon and me on Sheldon's dirt bike. 

Me, Matt and Sheldon
  Me, Audra and Mike 

Jen is my half sister. She is awesome, just like the rest of us.
She lives in Alabama and has a very strong accent.
She is married and has two kids.
  Matt, Caiya, Sheldon and me
My brother Russell was 21 when he passed away because someone pulled out in front of him when he was driving a semi. He swerved around them. I was his "Partner in Crime". We did everything together. I got my first tat at age 16 in memory of him. The poem says "In loving Memory of Russell Vehe, If tears could build a stairway to heaven i would walk right up there and bring you home again."
This is Zina ( Jerod's Mom) me, and Jerod.  

Audra is turning 28 today! (March 7th) She is having her
second kid in less than a month. His name is Hunter Allen.
She got married a couple years ago to a guy named Mike.
This is Mike and Audra. Mike is a really fun guy.
He loves hanging out with us and takes us hunting, plays
baseball and basketball, and everything else with us.  

Matthew (snowflake) is my little brother.
He is a junior this year. He is a pain in my butt.
He always has to act tough around his friends and it is
 very annoying. But, when he is not around his friends,
 he is an actually decent person and gives me
 way to many HUGS!


This is my niece Caiya. She is the sassiest little girl in the world,
 but I love her to death. Mike (her dad) says her attitude comes
 from me. This is highly likely! 

This is my cousin, Nick, and Abby at Webster's 2015 prom.
Me and Nick at the 2015 prom.
These are my cousins. The one that has the Packers shirt on is Jayden, then going to the right is Benji, and then Shane. Shane is my all time favorite cousin and I am his favorite cousin too. He is an artist, the big semi painting in the Hot Spot is done by him. He drew my last tattoo. He designed my graduation invite, and his wife Khyrol is a photographer, she did my senior pictures in MN. Black Lens Photography is her name. Look Black Lens Photography  up on Facebook and check out her work! 

Sheldon was competing for Snow Prince that night.
We are all Bronco's fans.
Here is me, Jerod, Sean, Zina, Lil' Ryan, John, and baby Kenny.
Me and Sean. Sean is Jerod's younger brother.
He is about 5 foot and thinks that he can
beat up anyone and everyone!
 Lil' Ryan and I.
This is Jerod's dad and I.
Me, Jerod,Ryan, Granny, Lil' Ryan, Sean, and Becca.
Becca, Lil' Ryan, Sean, Zina, Me, and Jerod.
This was from this year's Christmas, the whole family. from left to right. Zeus, Jerod ,Me, Abby(the little black dog),Lil ' Ryan, Becca, Jacob, Zina, John, Sean, Crocket, Zachary, Sarah, Chloe,and Hope.
At Christmas we play  Cards Against Humanity. Me Sarah, Zachary, and Zeus. Can't you tell my pit bull is such a mean dog!

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