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Past Time Activities         

Art Hiking youtube logo Swimming workout
Art   Adventure   YouTube videos   Swimming   Workout

Favorite Movies

Comedy get him to the greek  funny movie  Dead Pool  BunnyHouse
  Get Him to the Greek  Step Brothers  Dead Pool  The House Bunny  
Horror Hostel part 3 Dead Scilence  horror  Saw
Hostel 2  Dead silence  The grudge  Saw
Action riddick  Triple x  Live Free Die Hard Action  
  The Chronicles of Riddick  XXX  Live Free Die Hard Armageddon   
Childrens Mouse Hunt Scooby Doo The Movie Ice Age Nightmare Before Christmas  
  Mouse Hunt Scooby Doo Ice Age The Nightmare Before Christmas  

Favorite TV/Netflix shows

Netflix House   helx Bitten  
The Vampire Dairies House Helix Bitten
Hemlock Grove Orange is the new black   Family Guy    
Hemlock Grove Orange is the New Black   Family Guy    


Chinese Food   Makup is Life Anime Instgram Selfie    
I love Chinese Food   Makeup is An Artform I Love Anime My Favorite Social Media I'm Addicted to taking Selfies    
My Tattoo   Japanese Cherry Blossom Red and black Bio Eyebows    
I love tattoos, this one is actually mine located on the back of my neck   Love Japanese Cherry Blossoms Red and Black are my favorite colors I love Science, especially Biology I am obsessed with perfect eyebrows and winged eyeliner    

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