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Name Heather Lynn Michlitsch
Birthday 9/1/1997
Age 18
Favorite Color Red
Favorite Animal Wolf
Favorite Sport to play sOCCER
Favorite Numbers 3 and 7
Favorite Food Homemade Meatloaf

Things I like\

cat snapchat bronco mud
         Kittens           Snapchat         Broncos           Mudding
pink music facebook wolf
            Pink             Music          Facebook            Wolves
pup kid monkey turtle
            Puppies              Kids          monkeys Turtles
food summer fair camping
       Cooking       Summer        The Fair Camping
fishing hallow meatloaf soccer
Fishing        Halloween        Meatloaf Soccer
criminal minds llama illusions sand
Criminal Minds LLamas with hats Optical illusions sandwiches
beach lava duck life\ slender man
Walking on the beach Lava Lamps Duck Life The Slenderman "myth"

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